Friday, 2 May 2014

Review | NARSissist Cheek Kit

Hello lovelies!

If you saw my haul post the other day then you'll have seen that I picked up the NARSissist cheek kit, my first NARS product! I'm now going to spend the next few minutes trying to justify to you, & myself, why I spent £35 on blusher. 

R to L: Devotee, Orgasm, Laguna

Orgasm & Devotee applied
NARSissist cheek kit available here 

As you can see, this palette contains three blushes: Devotee (a new highlighting blush) & then NARS's cult favourites: Orgasm & Laguna. There are a few reasons why I bought this palette. I only own one blush (yes, seriously) & it meant I could try two cult favourites without having to spent £22 - £27 each on them as well as a new highlighter. I already have MAC Soft & Gentle but I really liked the look of this highlighter. The palette also comes with a brush which I was pleased with. Also, I've just finished all my uni exams/ coursework & I've been working really really hard! I practically deserved it! Not really, anything to make myself feel better about this splurge...

I first need to tell you that this palette is T I N Y. I always read reviews before I buy anything this expensive, & I'm so glad I did. I read a review by the lovely Sophs from The Sopho Diaries which meant I wasn't as shocked by the size of the palette as I would have been. I feel like the  pictures on the NARS website can be a bit deceiving sometimes when it comes to the size of the products. If any of you have an iPhone, this palette is exactly the size of the screen of an iPhone. Tiny, I know. If I'm being honest, I do think NARS could have made the palette slightly bigger. 

As I said, the palette comes with a brush & it's just as well it does as there's NO way my Real Techniques blush bush would fit in one of the blush shades alone. The NARS brush just fits into one blush shade & no more so I need to be careful that the shades don't run into each other. The brush itself is really well made with lovely soft bristles & because it's smaller than my other brushes it's perfect for travel. I find that my Real Techniques contour brush is the perfect size for the highlight & contour shades. 

Onto the blush shades. As I said, the palette contains a highlight, blush & a contour. Devotee is a shade exclusive to this palette & I really like it! I'm not sure if you can see but I'm wearing it across the tops of my cheekbones in the picture above. I'd describe it as a pale pink/ beige toned shimmery highlight. It's a gorgeous subtle highlight & perfect for during the day. As I said, I have MAC Soft & Gentle highlighter which I do really like but I think Devotee is a perfect highlight for during the day as it's not too shimmery & just gives some subtle definition. I really do wish they'd sell it seperately as I would definitely buy it! Orgasm is of course a cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers & after trying it I really do love it! NARS decribe is as "peachy pink with a golden shimmer" which I totally agree with. It gives such a gorgeous flush of colour across the cheeks & after trying it I'll definitely buy it once it runs out in this palette. Laguna again is a cult favourite. NARS describe it as "diffused brown powder with a golden shimmmer" which again, I completely agree with. This really is the ultimate pale girl contour shade but I've also been using it just to warm up my face. Again, I'm almost 100% I'll repurchase this once it runs out in the palette. 

Overall, I'm really happy that I bought this palette! As I'd never tried Orgasm or Laguna before, it was the perfect way to try them as well as having a gorgeous highlighter included which I couldn't have tried otherwise. I'm really happy with every shade in the palette & will definitely repurchase their full size versions when I'm finished with the palette. I'm going on holiday in September & will definitely be packing this as it's all the cheek products I need in one palette. In terms of value for money, I'm really undecided to be honest. I know there's a brush thrown in with the palette but in my opinion the blushes really should be bigger. I'm obviously not expecting three full-sized blushes in one palette but would expect something slightly bigger than what NARS are offering. 

I would reccomend this palette if you don't already own Orgasm & Laguna but if you do own these products it may be a bit pointless, unless of course you want to try the highlighter or fancy a travel friendly blush kit!

Have you tried this kit? What do you think?

Jen x 


  1. This is a beautiful palette!


    1. It is beautiful! Just wish it was a teeny bit bigger! x

  2. What a gorgeous palette I just love the highlighter and blusher really pigmented shades <3
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    1. It is gorgeous I'm really glad I treated myself! I wish they'd make the highlighter as a seperate product because I'd totally buy it! x


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