Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Haul - Beauty & Fashion

Hello lovelies!

I have a little haul post for you today! I had my last exam last Thursday & also submitted my last piece of coursework for 2nd year so I decided to treat myself at the shops! Hope you enjoy.


Grey T-shirt - £16 available here
Mint vest £20 - (from petite section) available here 
Necklace - £7.50 available here
Nail polish - £5 available here

Topshop had an amazing 20% student discount on over the weekend so I definitely had to check it out! I also had a £15 gift card so managed to get all of this for £23! I was really in need of some tops since all I seem to own is wooly jumpers from Winter so what I got isn't too exciting unfortunately. I love the grey burnout tee - I really like that it's oversized & think it'll look amazing with a necklace, skinny jeans & statement lipstick. The mint green vest is perfect for Spring/ Summer & looks great with a pair of jeans & boots. I picked up the nail polish as an impulse buy at the till because it matched the vest really well; I never really wear nail polish as I'm lazy & impatient with it but I've had this on for a few days & I've had loads of compliments on it so I think I'll definitely start making more of an effort with my nails from now on. I also picked up the gorgeous silver collar necklace which goes really well with both tops!

River Island

T-shirt - £16 available here 

I think this top is so cute & will go with both skirts & jeans!

Boux Avenue

Bra & pants set - £25 available here
Pyjama shorts - £16 available here

Can I just start by saying I LOVE Boux Avenue! If you've never shopped there you really need to check it out! You can get a Boux Avenue VIP card which means you get points on any purchase you make & you can get exclusive access to discounts, sale items & view new releases before anyone else. We all know how expensive bras can be but Boux Avenue have really reasonable prices & their sales are AMAZING so keep an eye out! They also start all bra sizes with a 30 back which is fab for me; I find that if you have a bigger cup size then most bras unfortunately start in a 32 or 34 back which for me means they won't fit properly, so keep that in mind if you have a small back size. Anyways, back to what I bought: Boux Avenue had a triple points event on for VIP members last weekend & I'd had my eye on these beautiful pyjama shorts for a while since the nights are beginning to get a bit warmer so I picked them up. I also needed a white bra & Boux Avenue are offereing all of their Chloe sets for £25 (you can see all sets here). This is a fab deal as a Chloe bra by itself is £22 so the set really is a bargain! I had my eye on a gorgeous mint green set but unfortunately had to be boring as I really did need a white set. 


Clutch bag - £15 available here

How cute is this bag?! My cousin is getting married next month & I thought this bag would go well with the dress I'm wearing. I don't normally buy clutch bags as I find them really annoying on a night out; my dancing consists of flailing my arms about like a crazy person which I can't do if I have a drink in one hand & a bag in the other. However, this bag has a strap inside which you can attach whenever you please so it's ideal for me!


Lipstick - £15 available here
Lip liner -  £14.50 available here

Debenhams were doing a great deal over the weekend (it may still be on so check it out) where if you bought one bestselling product from a brand, you'd get £10 off another product! So I technically got the liner for £4.50 which is amazing! I chose the shade Chatterbox for the lipstick as I needed a lipstick to go with the dress I'm wearing to my cousin's wedding. I'd been looking for an orange lipstick but none of the MAC lipsticks were calling out to me (I wouldn't have got the £10 off deal with two lipsticks anyway - it had to be two seperate products, one being a lipstick). However, I really liked the colour of this liner - What a Blast. As you can see, I've already used it & I really like it! I just use it as a lipstick which takes a bit of time as it's obviously a lot smaller than a regular lipstick & then put some vaseline over it. I think I'll review these two products seperately in another post!


Narsissist blush palette - £35 available here

Okay this blush was a total splurge product at £35 but I've been studying really, really hard! I'll be doing a full review of this very soon so won't say too much except that it contains a new highlight called Devotee along with their famous Orgasm & Laguna blushes. 


Batiste dry shampoo - £4.99 available here
Tangle Teezer - £10.99 available here

Probably the most boring products from this haul. I don't think much needs to be said about Batiste dry shampoo as it's a regular purchase for most people, myself included - it  absorbs oil really well & keeps hair looking great between washes. I bought the Tangle Teezer because my hair is really long & really thin which means it tangles to a ridiculous extent & regularly snaps when I try to brush it through. It's working really well so far & I've definitely noticed less tugging & NO snapping. 

Well, that's it! Quite a long post so well done if you lasted until the end! What do you think of what I got? Did any of you manage to pick up some bargains in the sales?

Jen x

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