Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Room Inspiration...

Hello lovelies! I have a different type of post for you all today.

It wasn't even that long ago that I changed my room around but recently I've been itching to totally redecorate again! My room currently has three lilac walls & one purple wall with all white furniture. However, as you can see from my wishlist below I'm currently lusting after something totally different.

Bedding | £19.99 | Available here
Dressing table | £95 | Available here
Bunting | £17.50 | Available here
Personalised print | £35 | Available here 

First up I'll say that to compliment all of this gorgeous stuff I'd want my walls to just be white so that the colourful features would really stand out. 

So first we have this beautiful bedding from Dunelm Mill. How gorgeous is this?! It looks so lovely against the white furniture in the picture & as I already have white furniture I think it would just look beautiful. Although it's patterned I don't think it'll look too girly as long as the rest of the room is fairly minimal. It's a really reasonable price & I'm really tempted to pick it up when I'm paid & just put it away for the future because I'd be gutted if in a few months I decide to redecorate & it's not there anymore. 

Next we have the gorgeous dressing table from Ikea; a beauty lover's dream! I already have a white desk in my room but to be honest it's looking a bit tatty & I don't even use it to do my uni work so it just ends up accumulating rubbish that I should throw out. I'd love a dressing table like this to store my makeup but unfortunately can't justify the price tag at the moment. If anybody knows of any cheaper alternatives please let me know! I'm seriously considering asking for it for my birthday (is it sad to ask for furniture for your birthday?!) as it's just so gorgeous. 

As I've said, I would want my walls to be all white if I was to buy the patterned bedding so of course they would look quite bare. This bunting is from notonthehighstreet.com & I just think it would look so beautiful draped across the the tops of one or two walls. I think it's so sweet & would compliment the bedding really well without being too "in your face". 

The next item again would be used to brighten up bare walls & again is from notonthehighstreet.com. Now I wouldn't buy this for myself as I think it would be a little bit too sad but it would be such a gorgeous present! It's essentially a personalised print where you go on the site & type in someone's "likes". This is then made into a gorgeous collage that can be hung on the wall. Again, I wouldn't buy this for myself but it would be a gorgeous present even if it is rather pricey! 

So there we have it! A wishlist of my ideal room, although knowing me I'd get my room like this & then crave a change again! I think it's a girl thing to be honest. 

What do you think of my wish list? Are you planning anything special for your room at the moment? 

Jen x

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