Wednesday, 23 April 2014

About Me

Hello lovelies (if anybody is reading this). So I thought for my first proper post I’d keep it simple & do an “about me” post. I’m quite nosey & like to know more about the writers behind the beauty blogs, so I thought this would be a nice little post for you guys to get to know me! So get comfy because, like it or not, we’re going to get to know each other...

1. My name is Jennifer, but I prefer Jen.
2. I’m 19 years old.
3. I’m Scottish.
4. I’ve just finished my second year of nursing at uni, which I am loving so far.
5. My forehead is the size of China. But I’m okay with it.
6. I am tiny. I don’t mean skinny – I mean I’m mega short. All of you 5’3 girls complaining about being small? I respectfully & in the nicest way possible, ask you to shut up. I’m 4’8; it really doesn’t bother me & isn’t something I tend to think about.
7. I’m quite sarcastic & don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time.
8. I follow more dogs than people on Instagram. It’s becoming a problem.
9. I am terrified & I mean TERRIFIED of spiders. I swear I can sense if there’s one in a room before I even see it & will usually freak out/ hyperventilate until somebody kills it for me.
10. I have a big brother & a little sister. Yep, I’m a middle child. It totally hasn’t affected me at all. Haha. In all seriousness, I do love them to bits when they’re not getting on my nerves.
11. I’m a really shy & quiet person, which is part of the reason why it’s taken me so long to start this blog.
12. If I don’t blow dry my hair I can be easily mistaken for Hagrid from Harry Potter.
13. As much as I do love makeup & fashion, if I don’t need to leave the house I will be in my yoga pants with no makeup on & my hair scraped back. Knock my door at your own risk.
14. I manage to get myself into the most AWKWARD situations possible on almost a daily basis. 
15. I have the cutest dog in the whole world. His name is Bailey, he’s terrified of umbrellas, traffic cones & snowmen & he likes to steal socks. I’m sure I’ll find a way to sneak a pic of his scruffy little face into a post or two.
16. The entire time I’ve been writing this, I should have been writing a report for uni that’s due in a few days, so I’d better get back to it!

Well I think that’s it! A kind of random assortment of facts about me but I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better now!

Couldn't resist adding this pic, he's too cute!

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