Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hi there, and welcome to my little beauty blog! My name is Jennifer, but Jen is just fine!I thought I’d start by telling you all why I’ve started my blog! I first started to really get into beauty about a year ago & it’s around that time that I also discovered beauty blogs as I was searching for reviews for the products I was interested in. This soon turned into spending hours & hours every night scrolling through blog after blog & having a ridiculous amount saved in my internet bookmarks. I then thought, why not get involved? I’ve wanted to start this blog for such a long time but I kept stopping myself because of how nervous I was. I was really worried about what people would think if they ever found it or that nobody would care about what I have to say. (Any other nervous bloggers out there?). But in the last couple of weeks, two words have been screaming out to me: WHO CARES? This blog is for me, not anybody else. It’s something that I think will enjoy doing and if people have nothing better to do than make fun of me for it then it’s their problem, not mine. It’s also highly unlikely that anybody I know will even see this so I decided it was time to grow a pair & just do it! That sounds wrong, it isn’t supposed to…

Onto what you can expect to see on this blog: I plan to have makeup/ beauty product reviews, what’s in my makeup bag, makeup looks, outfit posts, hauls & the occasional rambling about what I’ve been up to during the week. The standard blog stuff I suppose.

Anyways, I have SO many ideas for posts already & I’m really excited to properly get started! I’m also open to any blogging tips, & I mean any. I thought I understood technology before I started this blog so any advice anybody can give me would be fab! I also find that my iPhone 5 camera is actually of better quality than my current camera so if any iPhone bloggers have advice on how to take professional looking pictures then please let me know!

Finally, a massive WELL DONE if you managed to get through all of my rambly nonsense without falling asleep! Promise I’ll stop talking now.Whether you stumbled here on purpose or by accident, I hope you stick around & keep up with my next few posts at least to see if my little blog is for you!

Jen x

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