Friday, 16 May 2014

Review | Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

Hello lovelies! I have a quick review for you all today as I was out in town last night & although I'm past the "I hate myself" stage of my hangover I'm still not feeling all that great & could absolutely murder a Big Mac. 

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer | £10.99 | Available here

This primer claims to extend the wear of foundation (which is the least I'd expect), mattify skin & control excess oil. It costs £10.99 for 30ml of product which I found good value for money compared to other primers I've used such as the No7 Stay Perfect Primer which costs £12.50 for only 20ml of product.

I've used this for most of this week so think I've had it long enough to tell you my thoughts. I found one pump of this primer was enough to cover my face. As you can see from the picture, the formula is white but it applies clear. I found this product to work really well & agree with all of Max Factor's claims. It definitely mattifiys my skin & controls oil. It also doesn't have that silicone-y feeling that most primers have which is a plus. My makeup definitely applies much smoother than usual & lasts a lot longer during the day before needing a powder touch up when I use this primer. It definitely extends the wear of my foundation as well; my makeup looks exactly the same at night as it does when I put it on in the morning which is amazing as my oily/combination skin means that foundation slides off my face to a ridiculous degree - I usually look like a melting waxwork by the end of the day. The one gripe I have about this primer is that if I apply it over slightly dry patches on my face then my foundation cakes quite a lot over these areas even though I apply moisturiser before. I've learned when using this primer to just avoid dry areas completely & focus mainly on my T zone. 

Overall this is a fab primer if you have oily or oily/combo skin; it mattifys & controls excess oil really well but I'd steer clear if you have dry skin because it really did cause my foundation to cake over drier patches. What do you think? Have you tried this primer? 

Jen x


  1. A primer that helps cause cakyness is never good!!


    1. I know! I'm just glad I didn't need to go anywhere special the first day I tried this! Definitely a no no for dry skin!

      Jen x


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